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Message  Phil le Mar 26 Fév - 11:40

Trevor Bolder a révélé à Classic Rock qu'il n'avait pas été hospitalisé en janvier dernier pour une crise cardiaque mais pour un cancer du pancréas. La partie cancéreuse a été retirée. Ceci dit, il a quand même affirmé qu'il était toujours dans l'idée de participer au gig de reformation des Spiders From Mars qui se tiendrait aux alentours de Noël 2013.

Trevor Bolder has told Classic Rock that the reason for his recent surgery wasn’t a heart attack, as online rumours suggested – it was cancer.

But the Uriah Heep bassist is looking forward to life without the killer disease, and he’s revealed plans for a Spiders From Mars reunion later this year.

Heep last month announced that Bolder would be temporarily replaced by JJ Jowitt of IQ, Arena and Frost* fame, adding: “We all wish Trevor a speedy return to the fold.”

That led to speculation he’d suffered a heart attack.

But Bolder tells Classic Rock: “No. It wasn’t – it was cancer. I had a big operation in early January that will take me months to get over.

“I had pancreas cancer so I had to have that removed. Not the entire pancreas – but still, it was bad news. They’ve cut out the bad bit. I’ve had a bit of chemo, got to have that, which I’m doing now, in case there’s anything hanging about. Once that’s done, I should be back to doing what I do for a living.”

Bolder admits he was “shell-shocked” when doctors told him the news, but adds: “I’m over that. I’m up and down.”

He describes convalescence as “boring,” explaining: “I need to get my concentration back, to be honest, because I get tired real quick at the moment. Luckily I’ve got my studio at home so I can start messing around and get my efforts back. I want to do that, and write a few songs.

“In a couple of months I should be back to normal and doing roadwork with Uriah Heep. Originally, I was told it would be nine months. I’ve gone private now and they say it should be four months – as long as I take it steady.”

Bolder has also told Classic Rock that plans are afoot for the Spiders From Mars to play a reunion gig around Christmas, featuring him, drummer Woody Woodmansey and an as-yet unnamed vocalists.

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